software and services for the geospatial community

What we do



We can support you in analysing operational and technical requirements to achieve your goals or meet regulatory requirements.

Conceptual Design

Finding technological solutions for complex requirements requires a concerted effort of designers, users, and executives. We can help you create a blueprint for the system you need.

Software Development

At bespire we create efficient, maintainable, and extendable software products using agile development methods.


We place at your disposal our expertise in various fields, encompassing geospatial data, spatial data infrastructures, geoinformatics, information technology and international standards.

Where we excel


  • Spatial Data Infrastructures


    The emergence of spatial data infrastructures in the European Union (INSPIRE) and its member states (e.g. GDI-DE in Germany) gives us new opportunities to store, access and use geographic data. We aid companies and public authorities in building, using and participating in spatial data infrastructures.

  • Standard-compliant Software

    ISO® 19000 norm family, OGC® standards

    Making geographic data easily accessible to users requires the use of standardized, vendor-independent software components. With our knowlegde of a broad range of standards of the geographic community we are able to create standard-compliant software products that are interoperable with both open-source and proprietary software products.

  • Domain-Driven Design

    Models, Business Logic, Ontologies

    The most significant complexity of a non-trivial software application lies in its domain, i.e. the use cases and their related business logic. Therefore, we take great are in designing this central aspect of the software to produce efficient, maintainable, and extendable applications.

  • Integration of Software Components

    Combining existing software and technology into a system that serves your individual requirements is a task that requires knowledge about the software market and operational details of candidate components. By taking your requirements into account, we can create a system landscape that fits your needs.

Who we are

Andreas von Dömming


German INSPIRE expert

Previously worked as head of the Coordination Office SDI Germany

Author and co-author of numerous publications concerning the architecture and central components of SDI Germany and technical guidance documents for INSPIRE.

Florian Esser


Software Engineer and IT Architect

Expert for registries according to ISO® 19135

Prof. Dr. René Thiele

Founder & Adviser

Professor of Geoinformatics at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences